make it better


Recognising the never-ending debate on what is good or bad design, we asked design students and tutors to make our image better. The horse and chair 'canvases' have been chosen as symbols of beauty and functionality. 

'The responses we’ve received were overwhelming. Speaking broadly, we noticed an inclination to beautify and colour with the horse, and a tendency for the chairs to have added functions. However, it was a pleasant surprise to find ornamental chairs and horses with extra limbs. Through the diverse range of responses, we found sheer creative brilliance (and humour) to be a common denominator. We don’t imagine the debate on good and bad design to ever end. However, the enthusiasm of our participants from this exercise could serve as a microcosm in how the design community settles an issue; with wit, humour and a whole lot of fun.'

In collaboration with Dagne Petraitye and Kenn Lam.