Fahrenheit 27.000.000 – the temperature at the centre of the sun.

This publication is a response to Ray Bradbury’s science fiction novel from 1953, ‘Fahrenheit 451’. The story is of a totalitarian society where books re forbidden and the protagonist, who is a fireman, burns books for a living. 


Reversing the process of destroying information by fire, this book was created with the use of fire. The cyanotype, which is an old photographic process, is achieved by coating material with a mix of chemicals and exposing it to the sun.  


The spreads were printed consecutively, each spread for 10 minutes, between 12:00 and 14:00 each day during the course of 6 days.


The spreads each have a unique mark of the place, date, time, temperature and cloud cover of that specific print.


The differences in colour correspond to the different weather conditions. For example, lighter blue = less sun.